Body Shred 2 Elite Package- Men's

Body Shred 2 Elite Package- Men's

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Whether you are an experienced athlete or just starting out and looking for guidance, if you're serious about making a change, the Elite package is the way to go. With this package, you will receive a customized diet template from RP Strength, the same type of template that Nita uses to get and stay lean on tour and off. This template takes out the guess work of what and how much to eat, and will help you tremendously on your way. Check out RP Strength's transformation page at the link below to see some of their amazing work!!

These customized templates usually cost $109 through RP Strength, but right now you can get it in this package along with the e-book and t-shirt for $100!

With this package, you will also get the new version of Nita’s e-book, “Body Shred: Your Guide to Feeling and Looking like a Rock Star” as well as a workout and cardio plan to follow for the next 3 months of the challenge.

The book contains many of Nita's personal tips and tricks for working out, mindset and good habits, as well as an extensive bonus chapter of Nita's favorite healthy recipes and snacks.

In addition to the diet template, this package includes entry to the Body Shred challenge and a Body Shred t-shirt in a size of your choosing, as well as access to the exclusive Facebook group.

**Shirt will ship in mid January**