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About The Challenge

Created by world renowned guitarist and fitness enthusiast Nita Strauss, Body Shred is a unique, 3 month fitness challenge that pairs a love of music with passion for getting healthier in your body and mind! Participants will have the change to win prize packages valued at over $2,500 while becoming a part of a fun, supportive world wide community. Along with this challenge, participants will have access to an exclusive Facebook group for challenge members to inspire and encourage each other as well as interaction with Nita and some expert guests, and challenge emails from Nita with recipes, workout ideas and more!

  • Grand Prize includes an Ibanez JIVA 10 guitar, Marshall CODE practice amp, 3 months of organic meal delivery from Trifecta Nutrition and more!
  • No Gym required- workouts can be done at home during lockdown
  • All tiers include Nita’s E-Book “Body Shred: Your Guide to feeling and looking like a Rock Star”
  • Healthy recipes and support from leading sports nutritionists RP Strength
  • Access to private Facebook group for support and accountability
  • Monthly mini challenges with their own prizes

Hear from past participants:

"This challenge has completely changed my life and set me on a path I never dreamed possible. I’m finally seeing the body I have always wanted. It’s been a total change in my mindset. A complete boost to my self worth, and an entire lifestyle change. Best part is how my transformation has led others to make the same journey."

- Daylon C.

"I was always so lost when it came to knowing what I needed to do to Shred the weight and keep it off. BodyShred gave me the tools along with amazing people to share in the journey with me! This program is life changing!"

- Ashley W.

"Nita, Body Shred and the Body Shred community helped me so much! It was very difficult at first to stay focused and motivated but it's so much easier with the program. It's fun and I loved it!"

- Sandra K.

"When I joined Body Shred 2, I was coming out of one of the darkest times of my life. It was a part of me taking back my power, and grabbing life by the throat. I am in great physical shape now, have higher stamina, I sleep better, my starter-scoliosis is just about corrected, I'm more confident in my appearance, and I have more energy! I bet you're wondering, "Is Body Shred all about the physical aspect?" It doesn't have to be JUST that! The Body Shred community helps motivate and push people into achieving their goals! Examples include: reading more, drawing more, practicing their instrument more, etc. It's a wholesome community! Sound good? Sound great? IT BETTER. If this sounds good, this is JUST the program for you!"

- Dustin E.

"Body Shred not only changed my approach to getting fit and healthy, it helped me build my self-esteem and change my day to day lifestyle for the better! Just because the program ended doesn’t mean your routine does. I kept going and have continued to see massive success! To date, I have lost 62 lbs since Body Shred 2 started 7 months ago!! The key has been the support of this program, the realistic recommendations on exercise and eating habits, and the ideas and amazing motivation shared between our coach Nita and our shred family participants. This is truly a program that suits all human beings on the planet. You are always welcomed and feel like a part of a true team from day 1."

- Kristi D.

"Body Shred 1 literally saved my life. Had I not taken part in the challenge and for the first time in my life I found support and not ridicule when I had to modify and adapt to meet the issues I had I’m not sure I would have made it through suspected COViD last March. During Shred 1 I found I was able to get out and get moving. Going from barely walking a half mile at first to 5 miles at a fast rate in that 90 day period. For the first time ever I went to a gym and did circuit training and it became part of my life. Shred 2 saw me sidelined with most likely COVID and I am slowly making my way back. Looking forward to Body Shred 3 as having the challenge and support will continue to boost me back to health. I will have to modify and adapt, but that is how I became one of the top 3 in Shred 1, so I know it can work again. The Shred Family that has formed and provides positive non judgmental support is one of the biggest perks of this program."

- Beth B.

"Body Shred is all about learning to love the process, discipline, and hard work that true change (in mind, body, spirit) requires. The challenge did exactly that and more. If I can go from an injured, tired, junk food lover to a healthy, strong, confident junkie of this kind of self-discipline and a rep for supplement and fitness brands that I truly believe will help my journey, I know that it is possible for anyone. Coupled with RP Health's Hypothyroid template, I saw changes that I thought I had left behind more than a decade ago. If you want to change your life and learn how to fall in love with "the work", sign up. The journey doesn't end with Nita's Body Shred Challenge - it's where it begins. Leave your excuses behind and get ready to work harder than you ever have, knowing that you will inspire and be inspired by what you accomplish."

- Martina

"I joined Body Shred hoping to be able to lose a bit of weight even though I was injured and waiting for surgery when it started and eventually feel better mentally. What happened is not only I've been able to keep the consistency I never had, I lost weight and I'm eating healthier, but I also reduced almost all my eating disorders, avoided a heavy surgery, I'm controlling much more my bipolar disorder, a safety net when staying sober is a hassle, and found the best motivation and mental support from fellow shredders in the group. For the 1st time in my life, I accept my body as it is. Body Shred has totally changed my life, pushing me through my own limits and I'm even studying personal training. More than a challenge, I found a 2nd family I can count on whatever happens in my life."
- Maryline S.

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Body Shred is a fitness challenge created by guitarist and fitness enthusiast Nita Strauss. Aimed at bringing the music and fitness communities together, the challenge incorporates nutrition and workout components as well as creating a community for support and accountability.